the PROCESS - A quick look at the whole shebang!

Let’s chat! Helping you find the perfect home begins with understanding your needs, wants, and goals. We’ll meet and discuss the details. I’ll get you set up with a customized home search in our system, so you’ll begin receiving notifications about homes that fit your criteria the moment they are listed.

Meet with your lender to discover your best loan options, understand your limits, and get a pre-approval letter. In today’s market, looking at homes without a pre-approval letter only leads to disappointment. You’ll want to be pre-approved for any offers you submit to be seriously considered.

Need a reliable lender? I would LOVE to provide you with some fantastic contacts to reach out to!

This is the fun part! Let’s start looking at homes! I can provide you access to ANY property listed, so there’s no need to call multiple listing agents. Just reach out to me when you see a home that sparks your interest. I’ll schedule the showings and provide you with all the details!

Once you find a home you love, it’s time to submit an offer! I’ll thoroughly review the Purchase Agreement and guide you through the negotiation process. I’m here to help ensure you are aware and comfortable with all the terms included in the Agreement.

ACCEPTED OFFER?! WHOO HOO! Time to celebrate! But, then we need to get back to work!

Upon acceptance, you’ll need to deliver the earnest money, schedule your inspection, reach out to a home insurance provider, and get the ball rolling with your lender. My team and I will help you get moving on this, provide you with all the details, order title work, set up your home warranty (if applicable), and keep you informed throughout the process!

It’s time to knock out the home inspection. You’ll need to schedule a time to meet the home inspector, and he or she will perform a full inspection on the property, fill you in on his or her findings, and provide us with a detailed report. I’ll guide you through the inspection negotiation process regarding any repairs you’d like made to the property prior to closing.

The lender will order the appraisal. An appraiser visits the home, reviews the value of other comparable listings and sales in the area/neighborhood, and provides the lender with a detailed report on his or her opinion regarding the value of the property. If the value does NOT meet the purchase price, I will review your options and guide you through an additional stage of negotiations.

Once your lender provides you with the clear-to-close, it’s time to wrap this party up! You’ll set up your utilities, schedule your movers, review final numbers, take a final walkthrough of the property, and attend closing. You’ll sign the documents and receive the keys to your brand new home!

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