Sister Bird Boutique
We’ve got a bohemian soul, the Holy Spirit, and a rock and roll attitude. Our vibe is laid back and relaxed, but with an edge. We’re committed to helping you believe what God says about you, and sister, we’re gonna laugh along the way.
What's Poppin

Gourmet popcorn that is guaranteed to cure a sweet tooth! Each Bag is 8 oz and manufactured in Indiana

Chocolate Cookie Crunch: Caramel cord drizzled with white chocolate and OREO(TM) cookie pieces, topped with an OREO(TM) cookie!

WHITE CHOCOLATE WAFFLE CRUNCH: it’s like eating an ice cream cone but without the ice cream.

S’mores: A campfire treat all year long! Caramel corn, milk chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Chocolate Bacon Crunch: Only in America… savory bacon flavored pieces , caramel corn and milk chocolate.

Irish Crunch: (wear green) The luck of the Irish! caramel corn drizzled with milk chocolate and mixed with Irish mint almonds.

Piña Colada Crunch: Piña colada crunch is a taste of the tropics! Flavored caramel corn drizzled with chocolate.

Cinnamon Almond Crunch: (Brandi’s personal favorite) Caramel corn with cinnamon and drizzled with white chocolate and fresh roasted cinnamon almonds.

Sea Salt Crunch: Sea salt crunch combines nature’s best salt with rich, flavorful chocolate and caramel corn.

Chicago Cheese Crunch: (Last but certainly not least) An unforgettable blend of caramel corn and cheese. Chicago cheese crunch, SUCH A WILD PAIRING!